Digital Music – Digital DJ

Welcome to DJ-ing!

The Digital DJ programme which aims to empower youths with music creation and DJ-ing skills. We believe music can encourage creativity, enhance self confidence and enrich the lives of youths.

The Digital DJ concept is an entirely new way of creating and performing music. It is definitely a fresh approach to the conventional music lessons in piano, violin or guitar.

With computer technology, we can discover exciting uncharted techniques of interactive music performance, bringing conventional DJ-ing to a new dimension.

The Digital DJ concept was featured on Digital DJ Project.

Take part in this revolutionary music learning experience now!

Digital DJ Programme Benefits

  • Suitable for all level (Primary and Secondary) including Elective Modules
  • Basic music production skills in electronic music genre
  • Improve students’ self-esteem/confidence by discovering musical talents hidden within them
  • Appreciation of different music genres

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