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Code For Fun

We are the official vendor for Code For Fun (Secondary) 2021 – 2022

This programme aims to introduce problem-solving skills using basic block-based coding. Students will develop critical and innovative thinking skills as well as computational thinking and algorithmic thinking skills. This will enable students to see relevance of their learning beyond the classroom to solve problems in real world contexts.

Each lesson will consist of theory into a programming concept followed by activities and challenges where the students will apply the concept learnt, leading up to the final project where students are to apply all concepts to solve the given problem.  


About Final Project

For the final project, students are tasked to programme, design and build prototypes of carnival games.

These prototypes aim to entertain, train dexterity and improve the motor skills of young children, persons with special needs as well as the elderly. They can also be a way to automatise carnival games and sports as a way to revolutionising them.

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