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Micro:bit v2 GO Bundle

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Meet the new BBC micro:bit v2. Now with speaker and microphone! Same great features, easier ways to use sound and touch to get creative in the classroom

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Product Description

Micro:bit v2 GO Bundle

Develop fluency in concepts and languages of computer systems and foster digital creativity in your classroom. Students make the connections between abstract ideas and real world outcomes by working with software and hardware together: designing, building, prototyping, iterating (the experience of improving a design, as well as making mistakes and learning from them).

The BBC micro:bit is a physical computing device that provides a bridge between abstract concepts and tangible experiences.

Physical computing combines:
Computational thinking | Coding | Creativity | Innovation

Using the micro:bit, your students will gain vital competencies and skills in critical thinking and collaboration, building their ability and confidence to have ideas, share them and make them real.

The simplicity of the micro:bit’s design allows for immediate success, but also becomes a more sophisticated tool as your students’ knowledge and understanding grows.

From its origins in the BBC UK Make It Digital project of 2016, the micro:bit is changing the ways young people think about and work with technology today and for the future.

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