Digital Art – Landscape Paintng

Landscape Painting is an often forgotten and yet extremely important aspect in any Manga or Concept Art creation. The landscape and background forms the basis of any well drawn concept art, comic book and

This programme is for students who have little painting experience, or need an introduction to the wonderful art of landscape painting. It also unveils the mysteries behind this art form, and enables the students to create their own beautiful landscapes.

Selected student works will also be featured on Singapore designed and created educational card game ‘Generals Order Strategy Card Game’  as a showcase and portfolio. This programme expose students to the digital media, creative and design industry.

Objectives of Digital Art Programme

  • To learn how paint digitally a landscape which can be used as a background for Manga, Book Covers or O level project
  • To learn how to shade, tone, feather and other advanced painting skills.
  • To understand the requirement of landscape painting for the purpose of producing backgrounds.

Benefits of Programme

  •  Suitable for Primary (Simpler background paintings can be adjusted for Primary School levels.)and Secondary Schools and above. Some schools have used our courses as  Elective Modules.
  • Learn how to paint beautiful landscapes which can be used for a variety of purposes .
  • It is a stepping stone for your students to learn the necessary skills to pursue at higher levels in digital media or as a hobby and their passion.

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