Video Design – Digital Media for iPad® Series  (Video Production Game Design)


  • Record and edit the entire Learning Journey and Heritage Trail immediately!
  • Create your own movie in 10 minutes!
  • Edit your video without the heavy and expensive equipment!
  • Broadcast to the world with just a few easy steps!

Introducing the Digital Media Series, where we bring Video Production and Movie Making to the iPad®.

You can now use videos as a tangible end product from a learning journey or heritage trail! This way, your students will remember the places they have been to as well as remember the learning points which they’ve uncovered whilst on the journey or trail.

Other projects you could expose your students to, include allowing your students to create music videos for music classes and your students can act out their plays and sketches and upload them to youTube. These can be created and completed by your students using the iPad®!


Objectives of Video Production Programme

  • To learn the foundations of Video Production, the 3 phases of Pre, Production and Post Production .
  • To learn steps and processes in video production.
  • To experience the new way of digital movie making using an iPad®.

Benefits of the Programme

  • Suitable for all levels (Primary and Secondary). Video Production need not be limited to older youths.
  • Select from a choice of Projects, like Learning Journey Journals, Heritage Trail Documentries,  Sketches and many more …
  • For students keen to pursue Mass Communication and Film Production at tertiary level, this would be an invaluable skill to attain.


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