Digital Art – iPad® DIGITAL ART

Traditional Digital Art is difficult to learn. The hand-eye coordination required by screen-less tablets require a steep learning curve to pick up and master, however, this has changed with the introduction of tablets, and in particular, the Apple iPad®.

Using the Tablet technology, your students will be able draw directly on the screen just like they would in a sketchbook or canvas, enabling them to master digital art easily andquickly. IDA (iPad® Digital Art) is a new and innovative programme designed to harness this technology to increase the learning curve of your students.

This programme is suitable for students of all levels and all proficiencies, enabling it to be a learning tool for students who are novices or experts in digital art.

Objectives of iPad® Digital Art Programme

  • To Learn how to Sketch, Ink and Colourdigitally on an iPad®.
  • To learn how to transition from a traditional Digital Art to a Tablet based one.
  • To understand the intricacies of digital art.

Benefits of Programme

  • Suitable for all levels (Primary and Secondary). Some schools have used our courses as Elective Modules. This course increases significantly the learning curve of your students in the digital art domain.
  • Select from a choice of subject types, including still life, manga, scene painting for your students.
  • For students keen to pursue digital art and animation at tertiary level, this would be aninvaluable skill to attain.

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