Game Design – Game Development Series (Create your own Game)

How does Game Development help your student to learn?

Our programme is a great teaching approach for illustrating game development and design for Upper Primary and Secondary level. Our programme is user-friendly and is an innovative and interesting way to teach as well as to learn about Creative Writing, Mathematics, Geography and Visual design.


In this programme, student will also learnt about

  • Creative Writing : Write storyboards, plots scene with plot for their mission and overall objectives.
  • Mathematics : Calculate the statistics of characters (e.g. level) so as to progress during game.
  • Geography : Design a natural and realistic landscape for the game.
  • Visual Design : Create their own unique heroes and villains in game.
  • This programme makes it easier than ever to create your own game.


Easy to Learn.
We are using one one of the easiest game engine software ever developed and allows you to make the role-playing games never dreamed of. Couple that with latest game development tools with powerful customization options, we turn the game idea into reality.

No programming experience required!
Your student do not need to have any programme knowledge to make their own game. Our programme specially design to do the heavy lifting for them and let your student create to your heart’s content.

Objectives of Programme

  • Apply creativity and constructive imagination in the conceptual process.
  • Understand the discipline and planning involved in the game development process.
  • Apply the techniques and skills taught to create a basic video game.
  • Know that they could excel in what they focus on and apply their effort to a task at hand.
  • Problem Solving skills in tackling tasks and problem
  • Understand the process of creating digital media and advanced into Media or Game industry as a career in future

Benefits of Programme

  • Have an overview of Video Game Development
  • Understand the Game Development Process
  • Develop Storyboarding
  • Develop Game Production
  • Understand Application of Digital Art in Game Development
  • Carry out Game Launch and Project Presentation
  • Understand Responsible Gaming


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