Specially Designed for NA and NT Elective Modules in Secondary School

We are proud to present to you the Edublitz Elective Series specially designed for Elective Module which are conducted in Secondary School! All our modules are group into 3 main categories with total of 11 modules to choose from:


Media Business D&T
Animation Beauty and Wellness+ Aeronautics+
Digital Art Culinary+ Clean Energy*
Mobile Apps+ E-Entrepreneurship* Product Design
Music Technology+ Sport and Fitness  


In order to enhance your students’ learning experience, we have specially tailored the course to include the many key aspects of electives modules requirements and working with renowned industry partners, using interesting hands-on approach to problem solving in mini-projects and larger modular project work.


Benefits of Programme

Our programs are specially designed to deliver the
Experiential, Practice-Oriented learning
Insight into the type of jobs and industries that they might be interested in
– Imparting Life Skills, benefiting students in their future education and beyond
Total Learning Experience

– Hands-on activities

Problem-Based Learning to nurture critical-thinking skills
“Out-of-the-box” thinking


Feedbacks from Student


Organized and start with an end in mind. Always gave an end goal to work towards.”

Student from Zhonghua Secondary School, 2016


“I can use this knowledge and skills if I want to create a game in ITE course.”

Student from Northbrooks Secondary School, 2016


“We got to learn how to do coding with different types of character and the keys to use.”

Student from New Town Secondary School, 2016


“I learnt how to edit the animation and apply sound effects and also find the DJ lessons really useful (and fun). It captures my interest and I can practice it in my spare time when I am stress from school. The teachers/instructors are also very fun, understanding and also very very very very patient”

Student from Coral Secondary School 2015



“Let me learn more about computer and had learn how to create an easy game by myself.”

Student from Guangyang Secondary School 2015



“I get to learn new things that I didn’t know about ADOBE. Even though I am not really planning to pursue a career in animation, but it was definitely a new insight.”

Student from Dunearn Secondary School 2014