Learning online anytime, anywhere 

Our approach to eLearning systems development considers all state-of-the-art training solution tools and will link your advanced web solutions, supply chain, and knowledge management systems creating a total end-to-end solution.

Core Competencies

Edublitz has been delivering integrated multimedia and internet solutions that deliver competitive advantage to our clients. We have built as the premier source for one-stop, end-to-end solutions:

  • Instructional Design, Graphical User Interface, and training Delivery development and maintenance.
  • CD and Intranet delivery of high bandwidth animation and graphics.
  • Web delivery of training content, graphics, video, and audio to low-bandwidth students.
  • Content and Document Management solution development.
  • Assist with the self sufficiency tools to enable client development of future programs.
  • Apply development tools appropriate for the delivery medium, whether CD, Intranet, extranet, Video, or a combination.
  • Integrated content, digital graphics, sound, video and multi-media production.
  • Student – and Instructor – machine interface consulting and design.
  • Digital illustration and animation production.


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