Digital Art – Manga/Comic Art Development

Manga is the Japanese word for comics and print cartoons. But outside of Japan, it is usually used to refer to comics originally published in Japan, or works derivative of the style. Manga drawing is one of the fastest growing and popular illustration style for digital media, animation and comic.

This programme is for students who have some drawing experience, or need an introduction to the wonderful art of Manga Development. This programme covers the important skills of storyboarding, story development and comic development.

Objectives of this Programme

  • To learn develop their own Manga or Comic, using traditional as well as digital, to create their own comic strip
  • To learn the different types of paneling and layouts, when and how to use them.
  • To understand the requirement of printed Manga Art, where bleeding and edges are taken into serious consideration for the printing of a Manga or Comic.

Benefits of this Programme

  • Suitable for all levels (Primary and Secondary). Some schools have used our courses as  Elective Modules.
  • Learn how to develop their stories and using the appropriate paneling and layout types to convey their story .
  • It is a stepping stone for your students to learn the necessary skills to pursue at higher levels in digital media or as a hobby and their passion.
  • Insight into the world of Comic Production and Comic Book Printing.

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